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Sauna in the apartment

Is it possible to build a sauna in a city apartment?

At present, saunas are being built not only in private houses or cottages, but also in city apartments. Thanks to the latest technological advances, a sauna can be built in almost any room and place today. The construction of a modern mini sauna is quite complicated and requires quite deep skills in the technical field and compliance with safety and operating rules. Thanks to our versatile and long-term experience and a wide selection of modern building materials, we build saunas in city apartments quite actively and successfully!
A sauna in a city apartment does not only mean a place to wash. It is a great relaxation after sports, physical work or hard work. In our climate, the sauna is a place to get rid of cold bones in winter, to ward off the sun in autumn or to warm your toes after rain in summer. The sauna is a source of treatment for a hundred diseases and well-being.

Find a suitable place

First of all, you have to choose a suitable place to build a sauna. You can choose to build a sauna, for example, a bathroom, a small corridor or a pantry. The bathroom, where a shower cabin was installed instead of the bath, is especially suitable for this. It is also possible to build an infrared sauna on the balcony.

The sauna volume is quite easy to calculate. Every person needs at least 2m³. The ceiling height in the sauna must be at least 2m from the floor. 1 kW = 1 m³.

In houses where gas stoves are installed, the size and capacity of the sauna must be properly considered, because in such houses there are often some restrictions according to the power of the unit (max. 3 - 4 kW). In this case, a special power cable must be routed from the meter to the heater. Houses with electric stoves with a capacity of 5 - 6 kW do not cause any difficulties for the sauna heater with a capacity of 3 - 4 kW in connection with the electricity network. When using a connection cable, the sauna heater can be connected to an electric stove if necessary, but in order to avoid additional load, it is not recommended to use the electric stove and the sauna heater at the same time.


Variants of apartment saunas

Finnish sauna - differs from all other saunas with a unique microclimate, the air temperature rises to 80 - 120 ° C, the floor is about 60 ° C and the relative humidity is in the range of 10 - 15%. The steam generated in the Finnish sauna warms the body properly, balances blood pressure, relaxes and prevents the development of colds.

Infrared sauna - the air temperature does not rise more than 35 - 45 ° С and the humidity is 30 - 45%. An infrared sauna is considered to be beneficial to human health because the safety risks arising from infrared radiation are extremely minimal. Infrared cells generate heat rays that direct radiation directly at people, but they do not heat the air. Depending on the wavelength, the human body warms up much better in an infrared sauna than in a traditional sauna. In addition, infrared radiation has a healthy effect on soft tissues, which in turn warms the human body and improves blood circulation. One of the most important advantages of an infrared sauna is that infrared radiation helps to reduce lactic acid and muscle pain, for example after going to the gym. The recommended stay in the infrared sauna is 20-30 minutes a day.

Finnish sauna in the apartment

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Infrared sauna in the apartment

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Sauna cabine in the apartment

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Sauna cabin SmartFold

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