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Equipment installation and maintenance

We can safely say that we can handle such complex and modern sauna equipment as finding a cure for various “sauna diseases” – old saunas, excessive humidity, dry air, ventilation problems, etc. We are ready to install and maintain your sauna equipment as well as assist with specific repair work. All work is performed by masters and qualified specialists in their field. Our prices are flexible, we provide a guarantee for the work done.

Maintenance, repair, warranty
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Our company has the following licenses:

Our skills are:

Sauna heater

Installation of wood and electric heaters

sauna remont

Repair and renovation of sauna rooms


Installation of glass walls in saunas


Installation of flues and modular chimneys


Installation, maintenance and repair of steam bath generators and other technical equipment

Category control2

Installation, repair and programming of remote controls and GSM modules

Sample prices for more frequent jobs

sawo manual

Simple heater installation

( heater control is on top of the heater ) Prices from:

50.- EUR


Installation of a remote control heater

Prices from:

115.- EUR


Separate control panel with contactor and heater installation

Prices from:

150.- EUR

steam generators

Steam generator installation

Prices from:

360.- EUR


Steam generator maintenance, cleaning

Prices from:

55.- EUR

combi sense_2

Sauna equipment maintenance, repair

Prices from:

25.- EUR

Convenient and useful maintenance package

We are increasingly being asked for advice and help with proper sauna care. Now all sauna fans can order a maintenance package suitable for their own sauna and the owner’s wallet. It is possible to order the package once or enter into a regular maintenance contract with us. According to the agreement, we will “keep an eye” on your sauna. When the time for maintenance arrives, we will notify you by phone and arrange a new “sauna day”. There are 3 different volumes and prices of treatment to choose from, together we choose the one that is right for your sauna. Leave the care of your sauna to us and experience the best sauna experiences in a healthy and happy sauna!

STANDARD package

The package includes a review of the sauna, which includes the necessary assessment and implementation of procedures.

40.- EUR


OPTIMAL package

The package includes a review of the sauna, which includes an assessment of the sauna structures and heating elements, as well as a recommended replacement of the heater stones.

80.- EUR


PREMIUM package

The package includes a review of the sauna, which includes an assessment of the sauna structures and heating elements and, if necessary, the replacement of heater stones. The package also includes an assessment of the operation of the steam generator and the maintenance of the stage boards (cleaning, lubrication and consumables).

150.- EUR

Sauna ehitus

Additional services:

Each sauna is unique according to its design and use. We do basic work for the average market price.