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Sauna building proposal: FREE

If you have serious intentions to build a sauna in a house, in an apartment or in a separate building, we will make every effort to develop the most optimal solution. Having a ready-made floor plan will noticeably speed up the process.

Sauna construction

  • Build a Mini-Spa
  • Construction of Finnish saunas
  • Building steam rooms
  • Building infrared saunas
  • Maintenance and renovation of spas and saunas
  • Install devices
  • Equipment repair and maintenance
  • Installation of stoves and flues (we will issue an official act)
  • Coordinate and approve the draft project

Possibility to pay in installments!

Building team contacts


The construction and equipment of the sauna has a 5-year warranty.

Sauna equipment and possibilities

The illustration shows the entire set of modern saunas. The links will take you to our store where you can see the prices.

Construction of the sauna and mini SPA begins:

Sauna construction price offer: FREE


A quality sauna starts with your idea.



The specialists of our project department offer a complete sauna expertise and offer you the best technical and design solutions for your future sauna room.

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Sauna, integrated, wall-mounted design heater

SAUNUM Premium Set combines a patented indoor climate system and an electric heater and is a great solution for those who want to install the best complex solution in their sauna.

Average prices of demonstration saunas:

Finnish sauna ECO


Finnish sauna OPTIMA


Finnish sauna PREMIUM


Infrared sauna


Steam sauna



The construction price of the sauna and Mini Spa includes:

This is where sauna design begins

Our highly experienced specialists will offer you the best possible technical and design solution for your future sauna, and will send you a sauna project plan in a short time.

Construction time

The construction time of the sauna is 5–14 days, depending on the volume of work and the agreement.


5-year warranty

Building a proper and well-functioning sauna with the help of specialists is a sensible investment. If all the work, effort and time are taken into account, the sauna you have built may not be cheaper. Gathering information and advice, drawing a project, searching for materials, building, and later possible bug fixes can be more expensive than the work of professionals. We are so confident in our skills, materials and equipment that we give a 5-year guarantee for each sauna we build.


The 5-year guarantee of a private person is valid for:

- ehitisele
- ehitisse püsivalt paigaldatud seadmetele
( kerised, suitsutorud, aurugeneraatorid jm )
- elektriseadmetele ( v.a valgusallikad )


The 5-year warranty is valid if:

  • Used and maintained the building and equipment in a targeted and prudent manner
  • Properly used and maintained all installed equipment (manuals, manufacturer requirements)
  • You have entered into a maintenance agreement with us for the warranty period
  • You have fulfilled the maintenance obligation described in the agreement for the selected package
  • You still have warranty documents
  • You have no debts to us

Of course, we are ready to treat all sauna diseases even outside the warranty period. In the period between maintenance services, call 6140 304 for help or write to

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