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If you are of the opinion that you know in detail what a modern sauna looks like, then we must say that you are wrong to some extent, just like we were about 20 years ago. Now, before you start drawing stage tables and looking for heaters in sauna shops, we recommend that you take a good look at the page where you are now. We are quite sure that if you start acting according to our wishes, your perception of the sauna will change considerably, because you will find quite a few new details for yourself that you have not encountered before. There is nothing crazy about this, because you may have never built a sauna before. For us, however, the field of sauna construction is a daily way of life.
Marko Tamm
Saunamaailm CEO, Founder

Sauna design

Have you decided to build a wooden sauna house or another wooden structure? We recommend you the most popular wooden materials used in the construction of saunas and guest houses. We recommend a combination of darker and lighter wood to give the sauna a modern and unique look. You can see more pictures in our photo gallery.

Lining board and stage board



Abachi - The palm tree has a porous structure that grows in the tropics. It has a low density that prevents the wood from heating up, even at the highest temperatures in the sauna room. When the sauna temperature rises, the abachi wood takes on the air temperature, but as soon as you touch the wood, it immediately takes on the human body temperature. The wood is smooth, resin-free, quite soft, moisture-resistant, easy to process, usually creamy to slightly yellow.



The aspen liner is widely used to decorate saunas due to its low density, lack of resin and small twigs. Useful examples of the aspen illustrate the high tannin content, which not only significantly reduces the wood's ability to rot in a humid environment, but also gives it a particularly incredible odor. The aspen lining does not crack, is easy to process and works well in humid conditions.



Linden is one of the most famous trees. When heated, lime tree produces a pleasant smell and some essential oils, which have bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties, help prevent frostbite and eliminate its symptoms. High humidity helps to maintain and improve the properties of lime wood, making it an ideal material for sauna. The use of lime wood to decorate saunas also justifies this whole complex of useful properties of wood: a relaxing and restorative effect, creates positive energy. The wood has a pleasant light color that does not change even after a long time. It should be noted that the tree has a homogeneous structure and branches are rarely found, which significantly increases the value of linden.



The Ash is the most valuable deciduous tree. The lining of the Ash wood is very durable. The Ash tree is strong and dense and resembles an oak tree. The texture of the wood is expressive and bright, which is why it is often used in interior decoration, for making moldings and sauna walls.



Alder wood is very popular when building a sauna or a guest house. The reason is very low thermal conductivity, the strength that allows the use of alder wood in wood design. In addition to finished alder, absorbs very little moisture. The combination of these properties and durability makes alder wood the best way to build a sauna. There is another feature that distinguishes alder finishing from other methods. Lepal has an unusual color, like wood painted with coffee. Due to humidity and temperature, the wood can change color and acquire a different shade, so the sauna, finished with alder, looks impressive.

Cedar texture


The main characteristics of Canadian Red Cedar - durability, excellent odor, natural resistance to decay and insects, geometric stability and high insulating ability - have a very wide range of applications. It is recommended to use for interior decoration of houses and saunas.

Thermal wood

Heat treatment improves the weather resistance and thermal insulation of wood and reduces the moisture expansion of wood. At high temperatures, resin is also released from the wood. The resistance of wood to bacteria and fungal diseases increases. And the main big advantage is the stability of the wood – heat-treated wood “plays” less and slower under the influence of moisture and heat than ordinary untreated wood. The heat treatment process is as follows: well-dried wood is placed in a special room without oxygen (wood does not burn at higher temperatures without oxygen), which is filled with steam. The wood is then heated to a high temperature of 200 to 240 ° C. After this process, the wood is quite dark brown in color, making the thermal wood look like expensive exotic wood.

Thermo aspen

Heat-treated wood absorbs water significantly more slowly and less under the same humidity conditions, and its shrinkage becomes minimal and more resistant to the environment. Lime, abachi, alder, ash and some other wood species are most often heat treated. This material is used for finishing saunas.


Thermal poplar

Poplar is a hardwood tree very similar to aspen in its properties and appearance. They belong to the same family. The poplar, as well as aspen, does not emit tar, splinter free and does not heat up. As the material is well suited for heat treatment. Distributed throughout Europe, grows in North and Central Africa and in West Asia.


Thermo Magnolia

Magnolia is very similar to aspen. The main feature of this tree is a unique view. Since the magnolia tree is large enough, it can be used to produce wide and long boards.


Thermo Spruce

Scandinavian spruce grown specifically as raw material for the production of decorative lining, which is widely used for the wall cladding, saunas, terraces, etc. Scandinavian spruce is processed by special technology of thermal treating. Spruce lining has a light yellow colour with lots of small knots. Spruce wood is mostly accepted to perceive as a decorative element. The main advantage of spruce lining is a durability, due to high resin content, protecting the wood from rotting.


Thermo Aspen Dark

Because of the heat treatment method, the wood during an explanation period absorbs less water under similar humidity conditions, and its shrinkage becomes minimal and increases resistance to environment. Linden, abachi, alder, ash and some other species are most often heat - treated. All this material is the most often used for finishing baths or saunas.


Thermo Alder

The usual alder after heat treatment turns into elite wood. Modern technology helps to improve the properties of wood, strengthen it and also repaint in any colour without losing natural look. Heat treatment of wood allows you to paint it all over the thickness and give the usual alder the look of an elite tree.


Thermo Pine

One of the most popular types of timber, thanks to exploitation period. Thermo pine will serve to the whole generation of your family. Thermo Pine is an excellent natural material for use in interior decoration. Pine itself is a soft timber, but after heating under the steam 190-215 °C wood gets rid of tar and extra humidity and gains strength and durability.


Thermo Ash

Thermo ash is a natural and environmental - safe material, a product of timber hot steam treatment. This procedure improves boards properties changing them on a molecular level. Processed product becomes more durable and flexible. Moisture, fungus and mold resistance being improved, what makes timber life cycle longer. Depending on the intensity of processing, thermo ash takes on colors from pale gold to dark chocolate.

Voodrilaua profiilid

Voodrilaua profiil mõjutab sauna kujundust. Tehnoloogiliste raskuste tõttu ei saa kahjuks neid profiile piiratult valmistada. Erinevate puiduvärvide kõrvalt on sauna leiliruumis lubatud kooskõlastada kahe erineva voodrilaua profiili. On tõestatud, et erinevate puiduliikide ja värvide kasutamine mingil määral kuvavad sauna omaniku iseloomu jooni ja isiklikku tähtsust.

Kelo stiil

Seda stiili saab nimetada mitutmoodi – metsik, looduslik, traditsiooniline, antiik… Töötlemata voodrilaua kasutamine annab sauna kujundusele loodusliku väljanägemuse, mis viib tagasi muinasaegadesse, mil kellelgil polnud veel kaasaegsetest tehnoloogiatest isegi väikest ettekujutust. Sauna ebatasased puupinnad, mis on ehitatud 300-500-aastasest põlispuust, teevad iga sauna kordumatuks.

Dekoratiiv materjalid

Dekoratiivsed materjalid annavad saunale esteetilist kuju. Sel juhul hakkab saunas mingil määral esinema ka kunstitöö, mis ei ole tegelikult päris lihtne tegevus. Lisaks esteetilisele kujule ja tähelepanu tõmbavale välimusele, peavad materjalid valdama teatuid omadusi, mis kipuvad muutuma temperatuuri vahetumisel või teiste välisfaktorite mõjutamisel.

Dekoratiiv paneelid

Sauna vooderdamise jaoks ettenähtud dekoratiivsed puitpaneelid on tihtipeale nii värvi kui ka omaduste poolt üsna erinevad. Paneelide minimaalne kasutamine teeb sauna eredaks ja omapäraseks isegi kui sauna seinad on kaetud tavalise voodrilauaga.


Kogemus näitab, et dekoratiivkivi kasutatakse saunas isegi tihedamalt kui dekoratiivseid puitpaneele. Asi on selles, et dekoratiivkivi on võrreldes teiste vooderdusmaterjalidega tunduvalt tulekindlam. Aga kõigepealt sobib antud kivi kerisega kokku puutuvate seinte ilustamiseks.

Soola tellised

Soolatellistest saab isegi kolmekordset kasu, nimelt – soolatellised täidavad õhku tervisele kasulikke mineraalidega ja samuti täiendavad sauna põhikujundust. Soolatellistest tulenev vagustus aga loob saunas meeldivat ja sooja atmosfääri.

Söestatud voodrilaud

Söestatud pealispind EXTRA BURNT. Ei oma lõhna, ei määri ega ei murene. Lähtematerjal on siberi lehis.

Siberi lehis on tihedam ja tugevam kui mänd, hästi suure vastupidavusega niiskusele (vees muutub tugevamaks), temperatuuri langusele ja seentele. Praktiliselt ei mädane. Siberi lehisepuit on hämmastav materjal sisekujunduseks kuna ta on keskkonnasõbralik ja omab tervendavaid omadusi.


Sauna kujunduse arendamisel saab kasutada ka mineraalaineid sisaldavaid looduslikke värve, mis puitkudemesse imendudes, korralikult kaitsevad sauna puitvooderdust niiskuse ja IR-kiirguse vastu. Looduslik värv ei lähe praguseks ega kooru. Eelisena on see, et värvituid pindu saab vajadusel kergelt uuendada. PAINT ECO värv on saadaval kaheksas värvitoonis. Eritellimusel saab isegi muid värvitoone.


Aeg, mil saunavalgustust kasutati saunas ainult ohutuse korral, on juba ammu mööda läinud. Tänavu kasutatakse valgust saunas hoopis teistel eesmärkidel. Meie poest saab valida erinavaid sauna valgustuste liike, mis vastavad Teie soovidele ja leiliruumi kujundusele. Õigesti valitud sauna valgustus loob hea meeleolu nii Teile kui ka teistele sauna külalistele.

Cariitti aksessuaarid

Kuna saun on ise enesest päris vana komme, siis sauna valgustuse tootmise valkonnas spetsialiseeruvaid ettevõtteid väga palju ei ole. Üks tuntumaid tootjaid on Cariitti, mis vastavalt toodangu kvaliteedile ja üsna suurele nõudlusele, vallutas maailma turu erinevate valgustite tootmise valdkonnas.

Saunadisaini galerii

Enne sauna ehitamist soovitame Teil tutvuda ka meie saunagaleriiga, kust Te leiate tervest maailmast kogutud saunakujunduse erinevaid lahendusi. Enda kasuks kasutame ka teiste spetsialistide poolt omandatud kogemust. Pidage meeles, et saun ei ole mingi igav koht, vaid pigem õige koht, kus võite panna hoogu oma mõtisklemisele ja fantaasiale.