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The project includes:


How we work

If you want to request a sauna project from us, please first select the type of sauna that suits your wishes and design and fill in the project order form, which can be found in the "Sauna projects" section of our website. After that, fill in all the necessary fields properly and write in the "Additional information" field information related to the sauna details (sauna dimensions, heater / generator type, lining board material, lighting, sauna door / window, etc.). After confirmation, you can pay for the sauna project service. The price of the service is 400 €.


Sauna project development processes

During the development of the sauna project, we will first send you a preview of the project by e-mail. After the final approval of the project, considering the possible details, we will start working on 3D visualization. Lastly, all the details taken into account during the development of the project come with the calculation of the sauna materials and 3D visualization.

Sample project

In order to make it easier to understand what it is, we divided the projects into so-called packages. The same price applies to all packages. After our designers have received a request to compile the Basic Package, they will offer you a fairly simple and well-priced solution. But that’s not all. If you wish, you can order a Premium package, which includes much more expensive equipment and completely different sauna construction materials.


Sample PDF of the project



Sample PDF of the project



Sample PDF of the project

3D project samples

Sauna world offers 3D projects for different rooms: saunas, steam saunas, infrared saunas, SPAs, sauna lobbies.

Before filling out the form, visit our gallery

Coordination of different materials, colors, textures and wall panels. LED lighting and illuminated salt bricks make the sauna style unique. Thanks to the LED color light, the light in the sauna room is more beautiful, which in turn also affects the atmosphere in the sauna. Modern solutions require the use of electrical equipment such as remote controls and music centers. In order to make sure how far the modern design has developed, we recommend that you check the sauna gallery on our website before building the sauna.

To start the project, you must submit your confirmation, which you can do by filling out the form below. When we receive your application with all the details, dimensions, attached sauna plan and additional pictures of the sauna room, we will send you a payment link. After making the payment, we will start the sauna project.

    Palun täitke alljärgnev vorm

      Leili saun    Aurusaun    Infrapuna saun    Kombi saun    Muu  

    Kui ruum on keerulise kujuga, siis andke sellest teada kommentaarides all.

      Tava klass    Kesk klass    Luksus klass  

      Hele    Tume    Hele – Tume  

      Aken    Klaassein    Klaassein uksega    Klaasuks alumiinium raamiga    Klaasuks puitraamiga  

      Kivi sein    Soola sein    Kadaka paneel    Termo kork    Muu  

      Puukeris    Läbi seina köetav    Veesojendus    Ehitada korsten  

      Elektrikeris    Elektrikeris + auruti    Kaug. juht pult  

      1 faas / 230V    3 faasi / 400V  

      Aurugeneraator    Infrapuna element    Saunum  

      Kaitse kuni 16A    Kaitse kuni 25A    Kaitse kuni 40A  

      Sundsüsteem    Loomulik süsteem  

      Raadio / MP3    Aroomisüsteem    GSM seade    Veefilter    Muu  

      LED paneel    Seljatoe valgustus    Kibu LED-valgustusega    Lava ääre valgustus    Värviline valgustus    Muu  

    What is 9 x 8 ?

    Over the years, we have developed many different sauna projects and built hundreds of modern saunas. Each sauna project is unique depending on the type, design and dimensions of the sauna. We hope that you will also find your solution here, which you can implement in the future. We give you the opportunity to acquire a finished project from our collection. In order to implement the sauna project, it is necessary to order an additional service such as “ Implementing the project “. If you want to update the prices of the selected project, select the additional service “ Recalculate “.


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